Ultralight Series 51.0mm Long Surgical Round Cutting Burs

by Omega
SKU R2-51

The UltraLite line of burs has been created as the ideal choice for economical single use surgical drill bits application. Through unique manufacturing processes, UltraLite surgical burs combine special grades of stainless steel and ultra-hard carbide cutting edges providing the economy with optimal cutting precision. UltraLite burs are excellent for most small bone surgical procedures.

All blades and burs are sold in packs of five.

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Surgical Round Bur Head Sizes

1.0mm x 51mm Round Fluted Bur (6 Flutes)
1.2mm x 51mm Round Fluted Bur (6 Flutes)
1.8mm x 51mm Round Fluted Bur (6 Flutes)
2.3mm x 51mm Round Fluted Bur (8 Flutes)
3.0mm x 51mm Round Fluted Bur (8 Flutes)
4.0mm x 51mm Round Fluted Bur (8 Flutes)
5.0mm x 51mm Round Fluted Bur (8 Flutes)
6.0mm x 51mm Round Fluted Bur (8 Flutes)

Standard vs Stryker J-Notch Hub Style

Individual Sterile Packaging

All blades and burs come pre-sterilized via Gamma radiation and dual packaged for optimal protection and durability during handling. Each blade package features a label with clear markings for the readability and contains a lot number and patient record label that can be affixed to a patient chart for accurate tracking and reporting.

Surgical Blade and Bur Certifications

Omega Surgical Instruments Inc. quality systems have been registered to the ISO 13485:2016 quality standard and have also achieved CE mark appr Round. Omega™ Surgical Instruments Inc. powered equipment accessories have received FDA clearance for surgical use and are to be used only with powered equipment for which the manufacturer has also received FDA clearance.

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