Twin Double Door Pass-Thru Narcotic Cabinets

by Omnimed
SKU 181801

Constructed of durable, heavy duty stainless steel and meet schedule 2 drug storage requirements. They have strong piano hinged doors and a two door, dual locking system to ensure content security. The outside door has a triple bolt wafer lock which opens to a second door secured by a flat key lock
with a heavy gauge locking cam. Three extra keys are included for each lock. The ambi top of the cabinet lifts so that the unit can be flipped to accommodate left or right outer door access. Its eight aluminum shelves are adjustable and increase storage capacity. Pre-drilled holes that are reinforced
with stainless steel mounting discs ensure stable wall attachment. Warranted for 10 years with 1 year on the locks.

Features included in the Twin Double Door Pass-Thru Narcotic Cabinets:

• Stainless steel twin double door cabinet with 8 shelves
• Triple bolt wafer and flat key lock security - 3 keys/lock included
• Ambi top for left/right outer door access
• Pre-drilled holes reinforced with stainless steel mounting discs
• Ambi-top for left or right mount
• Measures: 15"H x 22"W x 4"D
• 181851 - 15"H x 22"W x 8"D

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