Stryker Trio Stretcher and Operating Table 1033

by Didage
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The Stryker Trio Stretcher combines the functional use of a stretcher with the versatility of an operating room table. The benefit to the Stryker Trio over a standard stretcher or surgical table is the patient remains on the same surface. From pre-op all the way through to post-op there is no need to transfer during the entire procedure. It goes without saying, patient and staff safety is increased because there is no unnecessary handling of the patient.

Because the Stryker Trio Stretcher is a dual function patient transport and surgical table, case turnover and recovery happen faster.


Stryker Trio Stretcher Features and Benefits

  • One patient surface throughout medical procedures
  • Quadro Channel Stabilizing Lift System
  • Fluoroscopy Clearance
  • Removable Footrest Section
  • Full Length Operating Accessory Side Rails
  • IV Pole Receptacles
  • Low Profile Base for C-Arm Access

Stryker Trio Stretcher Specifications

  • Trendelenburg: 20 Degree
  • Reverse Trendelenburg: 15 Degree
  • Length: 80”
  • Height: 26” – 40”
  • Width: 30” – 33” (With or without Side rails)
  • Weight Capacity: 500 LBS
  • Dual Lateral Tilt: 15 Degrees


Warranty Information for Stryker Trio Stretcher

Our standard warranty for the Stryker Trio stretcher is 1 Year. We offer additional warranty and service packages as well.


Compatible Stryker Trio Stretcher Pads Included with order

NEW DS BK SP-5238 Standard 3" Pad Set for Stryker Trio OB/GYN Stretcher (3 pc: Head, Torso, and Leg sections)

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