Stryker System 8 Powerset- Reciprocating Saw and Sagittal Saw

by Didage
SKU System 8-Reciprocating Saw and Sagittal Saw

Stryker System 8 Orthopedic Drill Set

Set Handpieces:

The Stryker 8206 System 8 Reciprocating Saw has improved ergonomics and gives you a better wrist position and firmer grip than the System 7.

The Stryker 8208 System 8 Sagittal Saw has a newly designed sagittal head that aids in cleaning and sterile processing post-surgery.

Benefits of Stryker System 8:

Larger batteries now last more than 2 times longer over the course of their total lifespan without needing replacement.

System 8 was designed by Stryker to be actively washed – able to be temporarily submerged when you need to do so during cleaning, prior to sterilization.

Improved ergonomics and that gives your surgeon a better wrist position and firmer grip than the System 7.

Attachments included with this set:

6110-120-Battery Charger

7215- SmartLiFE Lithium Battery

8203-026- Dual Trigger Wire Collet (0.7-2.0mm)

8203-126- Dual Trigger Pin Collet (2.0-3.2mm)

6203-110- Small AO quick connect

6203-113- Hudson quick connect

6203-131- 1/4" chuck with key

6203-135- Hudson modified trinkle quick connect

6203-215- DHS/DCS quick connect

6203-170- Triathlon adapter

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