Stryker System 8 Powerset- Dual Trigger Drill, Reciprocating Saw and Sagittal Saw

by Didage
SKU 8-Dual, Reciprocating, Sagittal

Set Handpieces: 

This Refurbished Stryker 8205 System 8 Dual Trigger Driver is designed to be used in large bone practices. It features 3 modes of operation forward, reverse, and oscillation.

The Stryker 8206 System 8 Reciprocating Saw has improved ergonomics and gives you a better wrist position and firmer grip than the System 7.

The Stryker 8208 System 8 Sagittal Saw has a newly designed sagittal head that aids in cleaning and sterile processing post-surgery.


Benefits of Stryker System 8:

Larger batteries now last more than 2 times longer over the course of their total lifespan without needing replacement.

System 8 was designed by Stryker to be actively washed able to be temporarily submerged when you need to do so during cleaning, prior to sterilization.

 Improved ergonomics and that gives your surgeon a better wrist position and firmer grip than the System 7.


  Attachments included with this set:

6110-120-Battery Charger

 7215- SmartLiFE Lithium Battery

 8203-026- Dual Trigger Wire Collet (0.7-2.0mm)

 8203-126- Dual Trigger Pin Collet (2.0-3.2mm) 

6203-110- Small AO quick connect 

6203-113- Hudson quick connect 

6203-131- 1/4" chuck with key 

6203-135- Hudson modified trinkle quick connect 

6203-215- DHS/DCS quick connect 

6203-170- Triathlon adapter

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