Stryker Renaissance Stretcher Refurbished

by Didage
SKU Stryker-Renaissance

The Stryker Renaissance Stretcher is a full-featured, durable patient handling system that comes with Fifth Wheel Steering that increases mobility while decreasing the amount of effort needed to push the stretcher. 

This stretcher is suited to be used for ambulatory surgery, emergency, surgery, recover, maternity, endoscopy, ultrasound, trauma and more. 

Stryker Renaissance Stretcher Features include:

  • 8" (20 cm) Omni Surface casters with wheel covers.
  • Dual cylinder pneumatic backrest.
  • Dual pedestal hydraulics.
  • Uni-lower pedal.
  • Fibersin backrest/steel foot-end litter.
  • Retractable fifth-wheel steering.
  • Fold-down siderails (Models 1210 and 1710 only).
  • Glideaway Siderails (Models 1231 and 1731 only).
  • Four corner IV receptacles.
  • Four-wheel steel-ring brakes with dual end activators.
  • Hands-free Trendelenburg.
  • Integrated patient transfer boards.
  • Integrated storage tray with oxygen bottle holder.
  • Locking caster steering.
  • Pop-up push handles.
  • Power-washable (Models 1231 and 1731 only).
  • Rubber bumpers.
  • Three-sided foot control hydraulics.

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