Stryker 5100-50 TPS Irrigation Console Refurbished

by Didage
SKU 5100-50

The Stryker 5100-50 TPS Console with Integral Irrigation Pump works with the following:

Stryker 5100-99 TPS Universal Driver,
Stryker 5100-15 MicroDrill,
Stryker 5100-7 TPS Uni-directional Footswitch,
Stryker 5100-8 TPS Footswitch,
Stryker 5100-9 Handswitch,
Stryker 5100-34 Sagittal Saw,
Stryker 5100-31 Oscillating Saw,
Stryker 5100-37 Reciprocating Saw,
Stryker 5100-04 TPS Handpiece Cable Refurbished

Stryker 5100-01

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