Stryker 4100-231 1/4" Jacobs Reamer 2:1 Attachment Refurbished

by Didage
SKU 4100-231

The Stryker 4100-231 ¼” Jacobs Reamer 2:1 Attachment delivers high torque and is excellent for reaming of Intermedullary Canal and for A.C.L. reconstruction applications. It works with all the Stryker Cordless Driver Series medium bone drivers, as well as the TPS, CORE, and RemB Universal Drivers.

Compatible Hand Pieces:

Stryker 4405 Cordless Driver 4 (CD 4) Refurbished

Stryker 4300 Cordless Driver 3 (CD 3) Refurbished

Stryker 4200 Cordless Driver 2 Refurbished

Stryker 6400-99 RemB Universal Driver Refurbished

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