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Steris Amsco 5085 Operating Room Surgical Table

by Didage

The STERIS 5085 Surgical Table is designed for most surgical
procedures with maximum radiological access without patient

Capacity in Normal Orientation:
1200 lb (544 kg) with the ability to rotate and raise/lower table
but no tabletop articulation or slide.
1000 lb (454 kg) with the ability to rotate and all patient
posturing but without tabletop slide.
600 lb (272 kg) with the ability to rotate, all patient posturing,
transport feature (normal orientation only) and tabletop slide.
Includes: Hand Control
Features: Slide, Battery Backup, Pilot Valves, Side Tilt, Column
Raise/Lower, Leg Up/Down, Flex/Reflex, Trendelenburg/Reverse
Trendelenburg, Back Up/Down, Floor Lock

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