Steelco US 300 Ultrasonic Washer

by Steelco

The Steelco US 300 model has been designed to offer an effective and comprehensive reprocessing solution for complex micro surgical instruments.

It has been designed to reprocess over 40 hollow instruments in a single process.

Steelco Active Flushing Technology, the combined action of ultrasonic and powerful flushing, successfully cleans the instruments used for minimally invasive surgery even in their most intricate shapes.

Ported instruments are directly connected through standard luer lock connectors. The connection of non ported instruments is made by the use of injection sleeves with silicone seals.

The automatic execution of the standard program includes the following phases: pre-washing, ultrasound washing and active flushing, rinse and thermal disinfection.

At the process completion, the instruments will be free from bio-burden inside and out, disinfected and made safe to handle before wrapping and sterilization.

Instrument capacity: over nr. 40 with dedicated luer lock connectionsor injection sleeves
Tank dimensions: 750x400x260h mm 29.53”x15.75”x10.24”
Basket dimensions: 700x350x150h mm 27.56”x13.78”x5.90”

  • Washing tank made of stainless steel AISI 316L.
  • Lid equipped with rotating washing arms.
  • External body made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Pump for the automatic chemical dosing.
  • Locked cabinet for chemical storage.
  • EN ISO 15883-1 and -2 compliant.
  • Soft touch LCD color control panel.
  • RS 232 port for printer connection.
  • USB port for cycle data download.

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