Octo Glove Box Holder (305308-1)

by Omnimed
SKU 305308

Stainless steel glove box holders are built for heavy duty use. The polish and luster of the stainless steel will resist rust and maintain finish for decades. They are ideal for use in medical, lab and food prep function or any area where cross contamination is an issue or protective gloves are needed. These holders are simple to load and can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a variety of surfaces. Each unit accommodates up to eight glove boxes to meet staff needs.

Features included in the Octo Glove Box Holder:

Product Sheet:
• Stainless steel strength and durability
• Easy to clean, load and mount
• Vertical or horizontal holder for eight glove boxes
• Measures 10" H by 21" W by 7" D
• Sold individually

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