Men's Lead Free X-Ray Apron and X-Ray Vest

SKU 66081TB-12

The unique design of our Men's Lead Free X-Ray Apron & X-Ray Vest provides complete front and back coverage with the lead free apron weight distributed evenly across the shoulders and hips. The X-ray apron is a wrap-around style which ensures a perfect fit.

This popular X-ray Apron and X-ray Vest combo is available specifically sized for men and is also available with an optional Lead free Thyroid Collar. The detachable X-ray Thyroid Collar is connected to the vest by a strap for easy removal. This combo provides 0.5mm LE protection and 0.25 mm back protection.

X-Ray Vest and Apron Sizes

 Size Vest Apron Model
Small 24" x 21" 20" x 35"-40" 66081TB-(color)
Medium 25" x 23" 21" x 41"-46" 66082TB-(color)
Large 26" x 25" 22.5" x 47"-50" 66083TB-(color)
X-Large 27" x 27" 23" x 51"-56" 66084TB-(color)

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