Light Weight Lead X-Ray Coat Apron

SKU 63073LW-12

The Light Weight Lead X-Ray Coat Apron features a 2 inch wide adjustable belt that helps “lift” the lead apron weight off your shoulders. The open back design allows you great freedom of movement.

The Light Weight X-ray Coat Apron is 0.5mm Lead Equivalency Protection.

X-Ray Apron Sizes

Stock Number: 63073LW-(color) 22" x 37"
Stock Number: 63001LW-(color) 24" x 40"
Stock Number: 63011LW-(color) 24" x 42"
X Large:
Stock Number: 63012LW-(color) 25" x 40"
XX Large:
Stock Number: 63013LW-(color) 26" x 42"

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