Decontamination Station Clean-Up Counter


The Blickman DSBC Decontamination Station Clean-Up Counter with Base Cabinets -3 bowl soak pre-rinse and rinse for infection control Choose Blickman’s new reprocessing sinks for optimal infection control. Blickman has the equipment you need to ensure infection control in today’s high-risk healthcare environments. Our durable stainless steel clean up counters and reprocessing sinks meet the stringent AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) guidelines for maximum sterility and utility. AAMI-recommended three-bowl functionality Ergonomic 36" working height Adjustable levelers on base of cabinets Unique “no-drip”; sink lip Integrally-welded 16-gauge cove-cornered stainless steel bowls with pitched bottoms for proper drainage Permanently etched gallon and liter calibration inside each bowl for precise measurement Wall-mounted faucet with 12" swing and 4" wrist blade handles Pre rinsed combination faucet Wall-mounted air gas and VAC valve with serrated barbed-end hose (installed separately) 3-bowl 25" x 18" x 10" deep 8" back splash Blickman’s DSBC Decontamination Stations and Clean-Up Counters can be arranged for either left or right workflow. Counter space is provided on both sides of the sink array. The sinks allow full immersion of surgical instrument trays. To fit your workplace needs choose either the DSHB with legs and cross bracing or the DSBC (shown) with base cabinets or the DSHY with hydraulic adjustable height leg with seismic anchoring options. Consult Blickman for customization: 1-800-247-5070.

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