Conmed Hall 5053-09 Micro 100 Medium Speed Drill Refurbished

by Didage
SKU 5053-09

This Hall product is designed to be used in Orthopedic Podiatry, Extremities, Cosmetic, and Sports Medicine procedures. It is a pneumatic medium speed drill and operates at 25,000rpm. In order to operate this drill, you will need a Hall 5052-10 Universal Air Hose and a nitrogen or dry medical air supply. You can purchase this Micro 100 drill either by itself or as part of a set. It is hand operated and does not require a foot pedal; however, you will need a bur guard (not included). Recommended bur guards include the Hall 1375-12 Medium and 1375-11 Long Bur Guard.

Compatible Conmed Hall Air Hose:

Conmed Hall 5052-10 10' Universal Air Hose Refurbished

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