A3 Modular Patient Monitor


Integrated plug-in monitor, using the A series of plug-in modules, plug and play

8 inch color LCD screen, multi-channel waveform display

The module is complete, can be any combination: support EMS module box (optional 3/5/12 guide ECG, RESP, NIBP, TEMP, IBP, SpO2), CO2, AG, ICG and other modular box

Flexible input function: buttons, knobs, touch screen, mouse, keyboard and so on

Free combination of multi-screen, multi-interface display

Configurable memory card, trend data is saved

Configurable recorder, record monitoring data and waveforms

With a lithium battery, to ensure continuous monitoring

Machine design compact, lightweight and easy to carry, safe and reliable products, stable performance.


For more information visit the Biolight Catalog

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