6-Drawer X-Tall Emergency Cart UXRLA-333669-RED

SKU UXRLA-333669-RED-1

This cart is built on the tallest of our Aluminum frames and comes standard with a full set of drawer dividers transport lever lock and removable plastic top for easy cleaning.

Other features included in 6-Drawer X-Tall Emergency Cart:

Dual slide out work surfaces operate independently and virtually double your work surface!

Smooth ball bearing slides with auto-close mechanism to pull the drawer fully closed.

Large stylish/contemporary drawer handles offer a more updated look and enhanced functionality

Adjustable metal dividers (One long and One short) included in all aluminum cart drawers.

Advanced nylon reinforced polycarbonate bumper provides a wider wheel base and greater cart stability and protection.  Single piece construction resists scuffs and scratches.

5" Premium “Easy roll" sealed bearing casters with precision bearing swivels.  Thread guards minimize sutures and other materials from collecting around axles and keep carts rolling smoothly.


 Standard Package:

- Cardiac Board/Bracket (CBB-6)

- IV Pole & Bracket (IV-2)

- Oxygen Tank Bracket (OTB-4)

- Bag of 100 plastic breakaway seals (PS-100)

- Wrap-around aluminum railing (R-3)

- Utility hooks 2 each (ABH-2)

- (1) Cut & Clip 2" divider system (DIV-CC2)

Deluxe Package:

- Cardiac Board/Bracket (CBB-6)

- IV Pole & Bracket (IV-2)

- Oxygen Tank Bracket (OTB-4)

- A Bag of 100 plastic breakaway seals (PS-100)

- Utility hooks 2 each (ABH-2)

- Base rail system (BRS-2)

- Top Shelf (SHLF-2)

- Wrap-around aluminum railing (R-3)

- Hospital grade outlet strip (OS-1)

- Suction shelf (SS-M)

- (2) 3" Divider trays with dividers (WDC-2025)

- (2) 5" Divider trays with dividers (WDC-2050)

- (1) 3" Divider tray with lid (EMER-BOX)

- (1) Divider set for EMER-BOX (EMER-DV)

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