P550 Injection Pumps


l  3.2 inch color LCD display

l  Individually show for corresponding channel

l  Night key 

l  Press at any time to enter night mode to save power and protect eye from strong light especially at night.


l  Menu key 

l  Wherever sub-menu goes, directly come back main menu by pressing this key

l  Shuttle key 

l  Quickly reach intended numbers to save time

l  Syringe hook 

l  Working together with pressure sensor

l  Syringe plate  

l  Detector inside automatically check the volume of syringe pinched in and show corresponding size at left with lamp on

l  IPX4 waterproof cloth

l  Anti-slip feet

l  Purge

l  Continuously press two time enter bolus or quick drainage function

l  Flow rate

l  Flow rate in each channel are showed respectively more directly and easy for data collection

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