Stryker 7205 System 7 Dual Trigger Drill Refurbished

by Didage
SKU 7205

Substantially increased torque, providing optimum performance.
Lighter, safe and easier to use.
Improved ergonomics, 29% reduction in overall system weight.
Backwards compatibility with legacy batteries, attachments and cutting accessories helps reduce inventory and replacement costs.
Operates at 1200 RPM when on drill mode and 270 RPM when on ream mode.
Utilizes SmartLife Lithium battery packs for increased power and runtime.

Compatible Attachments:

Stryker 6203-110 Synthes AO Quick Connect Refurbished

Stryker 6203-131 1/4" Jacobs Chuck Refurbished

Stryker 6203-170 Triathlon Attachment Refurbished

Stryker 6203-132 1/8" Jacobs Chuck Refurbished

Stryker 6203-160 Trinkle Attachment Refurbished

Stryker 6203-210 Large AO Reamer Attachment Refurbished

Stryker 6203-113 Hudson Reamer Attachment Refurbished

Stryker 6203-135 Modified Hudson Reamer Attachment Refurbished

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