Irrigation Stand/Tower (4) channels


Blickman’s revolutionary new IV irrigation systems: Blickman provides you with an affordable and more efficient alternative for fluid-intensive IV irrigation procedures. The revolutionary -IVT Irrigation Safety Systems ensure continuous fluid delivery by offering infinitely and independently adjustable heights for up to eight 3-or 5-liter IV bags. They also rely upon dependable gravity flow thus making use of standard IV tubes. Furthermore their easy one-handed operation allows nurses to attach IV bags at comfortable heights and then raise these bags up to eight feet simply by pushing down on Squeeze Release handles – an ergonomic solution that meets OSHA standards and greatly reduces the threat of back injuries. The ergonomic one-handed operation helps prevent back injuries from nurses lifting heavy IV bags and/or poles overhead. The Blickman IV Irrigation Safety Systems are safer because they are constructed from hard-anodized aluminum with stain-resistant finishes. There are no surfaces that can chip flake or rust to introduce particulate matter into the surgical area. Their lowest positions are cushioned by shock-absorbers thus sparing the -banging common with standard IV poles and the resulting tearing of bag tabs and spilling of remaining fluids onto the O.R. floor. Furthermore the steady five-legged bases resist potential tipping hazards – no more -sand-bagging required.

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