Utility Receptacles(UR-2)

Utility Receptacles(UR-2)

Waterloo Healthcare

Available in two sizes UR-2 (1.3 liters) and UR-3 (4.0 liters). Requires accessory rail. UR-2 UR-3                                  

MR Kickbucket - Didage

MR Kickbucket


The Blickman 7766MR Kickbucket has a continuous encircling rubber bumper with stainless steel cross braces that provide excellent protection for th...

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Kick Bucket - Didage

Kick Bucket

MidCentral Medical


Durable Stainless steel frame. Continuous rubber bumper to protect walls. 2" swivel neoprene casters. Removable 12 Quart Basin

Blickman Emesis Basin-Blickman
Blickman Emesis Basin-Blickman

Blickman Emesis Basin


Blickman Emesis Basin Sizes:12 oz. (300cc).16 oz. (475cc).28 oz. (750cc).56 oz. (1500cc).

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