Plastic Breakaway Seals(PS-100) - Didage

Plastic Breakaway Seals(PS-100)

Waterloo Healthcare

Can be used with lever locking systems breakaway gate locks and EMER-BOX divider trays                                    

Steel Cart Gate Lock (GLK) - Didage

Steel Cart Gate Lock (GLK)

Waterloo Healthcare

For use on Steel carts. Installed at factory. Available in Key-locking or Breakaway locking (for tamper evident plastic breakaway seals) and in 3"i...

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Aluminum Cart Gate Lock(GLK)-Waterloo Healthcare

Aluminum Cart Gate Lock(GLK)

Waterloo Healthcare

For use on Lightweight aluminum carts. Can be used for securing narcotics and liquids or as a visible inventory management system. Available in Key...

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Strip Safety Seal 100 Pack (484130) - Didage

Strip Safety Seal 100 Pack (484130)


Omnimed Sure Strip Safety Seals provide a tamper evident signal to control user access. The pull tight plastic seal has a 6 inch stem which threads...

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